2010: Space Commander!

Friday 16th April saw our 4th Wireless Theatre LIVE audio recording.  Venturing into the genre of Science Fiction, 2010: Space Commander! was set in 2062 when the human body has long become obsolete, Google is the creator of all life and all records of the world we know now are classified.  Recorded at the wonderful new LOST Theatre in Vauxhall, we were thrilled to have nearly two hundred of you come along to be part of the audience.  The show went without a hitch thanks to our amazing new technical team, lively and meaningful performances from the cast and incredible music and sound effects from UK Beat-Boxing Championship Finalist "Pikey Esquire".

The audience loved the show and we're sure that you will all love the download! Listen to it free, HERE!

Check out these photos of the dress/technical run!

All photographs by Andrew Elliott (c) The Wireless Theatre Company.

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