With Brian Blessed

Life At Death's Door, Part One

When it comes to death, we are bad consumers. Because we don’t plan ahead, because we don’t talk about it, we are in a state of shock and exhaustion. We don’t question, we don’t shop around and it makes us very vulnerable potentially.
We are thrilled to present our first ever audio documentary, it deals with our universal attitudes to death and dying.
The first episode, (of three) is narrated by the magnificent Brian Blessed. The following two episodes also plan to use the voice talents of household names not normally associated with such a subject.
Starring: Adam Hall, Jessica Dennis, Kevin Haney, Jenny Runacre, Stephen Hill, Tom Slatter, Greg Page, Ann Theato, Brian Blessed
Brian Blessed
Tom Slatter

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Written By: Ann Theato and Steve Spence, Edited By: Malcolm Thorp, Directed By: Jack Bowman, Music By: Polly Haynes, Running Time: 45 minutes
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