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llamageddon part 2

"These guys are the Southpark of radio drama"

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LLAMAGEDDON (PART 2): The Alpacalyptic Conclusion

Gonad Saffron, having failed to answer God’s general knowledge question correctly has doomed the world to a fiery end. (He really should have chosen snooker.)In an attempt to save the planet, the Llamas have journeyed to ‘Sideways Earth’.

Will they manage to re-forge the spare ‘Anklet of Power’ in Arnold’s Volcano? Will they evade the Devil who is determined to stop them? Will Blake the Stalker get to sing a song? And will any of it have any bearing on God’s decision to destroy the world (mostly out of boredom)?

Starring : Andrew Irvine, Gareth Davies, Phil Leamon, Blake Scott, Robert Blackwood, Nick von Schlippe

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Gareth Davies

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Written By: No Cause For A Llama, Edited By: Andrew Irvine, Directed By: Andrew Irvine, Music By: Andrew Irvine, Running Time: 1 hour 3 mins
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