PURDY & CHASE, Episode 2

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Purdy & Chase Episode 2

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Purdy & Chase

Episode II

In Episode 2, ‘The Honeymooners', new private investigating duo and best friends Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase are mystery shoppers at The Shingle Hotel, small town Wexton.  As Pen gets acquainted with the mini-bar and a maroon velvet jumpsuit, Daisy finds the guests at the Hotel are all too familiar. 

A peculiar pair thrown into unusual situations, Purdy & Chase explores the humorous inadequacies and unexpected heroics, as they embark on their new adventure, together

Starring: Jessica Dennis & Josephine Arden

Josephine Arden

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Written by: Dawn Crumpler, Directed by: Emma Hearn, Edited by: Joe Richardson. Running time: 15 minutes

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