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"They Killed Me With Laughter"

Review by Adam Cole - Feb 2011

I had heard many good things about The Wireless Theatre Company prior to seeing this show, mostly remarking upon the consistently high quality output of plays and other product for download. Their independence means that they've been able to garner a wide range of writers and actors, from the emerging to the very well established. And so I approached this recording in front of a live audience with high expectations, and am pleased to say that I was not in the least disappointed.
An alternative Valentine's night offering, this comedy murder mystery raced through its 75 minutes in a flash. A meeting of members of the dating website becomes a crime scene when one of the attendees is discovered murdered. Superbly written by Peter Davis, it fizzed with sharp and imaginative one-liners. Usually with an ensemble cast, there are one or two actors who either shine or prove a weak link in the chain, but on this occasion it would be genuinely unfair to single out any of the young, talented cast for special mention. They each displayed enviable comic timing from the outset, and filled the plimsolls, boots or spike heels of their very distinct characters (Johnny, the meeting's permanently happy organiser; William, a rather creepy artist; James and Florrie, chirpy brother and sister market stallholders; Michelle, a neurotic pharmacy worker; woman of mystery Kosminski; Welsh circus performer Joan; intensely angry beef chef George, and 'French' supersleuth Jean-Pierre Le Poulet) most admirably. Whether constantly reminding their fellow daters "I'm not mad!", expressing a fear of snakes and squares, or coolly declaiming that they do not believe in cheese ("It's just hard milk"), they held me rapt from start to finish.
And even better news is that this play will soon be available for download from the WTC website, so you will be able to enjoy the performance without having to brave the late Winter weather.

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