Script Submission Guidelines

Thank you to everyone who has submitted scripts to us - we don't have a large group of readers, but we do have a lot of submissions. Please rest assured that the scripts are being read by various different directors as quickly as we can. Our books are currently open, but due to the overwhelming number of scripts we always recieve, we will stop accepting submissions from March 1st 2014 and we will reopen for submissions on 1st September 2014.

•  Scripts will ideally be in audio script format - Example of Audio Script Formatting - and in readable font. If you have any questions about this formatting, please email us. Scripts in the correct format will be read first.

•  Must include your name and contact details on the first page.

•  Send scripts as an attachment in WORD or PDF format only – not in the body of your email.

•  Cover letters introducing yourself with a short synopsis of the play get read first, it's just easier for us as we have so many scripts sent over.

•  Do not submit multiple scripts at a time.

•  The Wireless Theatre Company will not produce something which has already been agreed by another audio production company.

•  We will, occasionally, present productions which have already been recorded – providing they match the audio quality of previous WTC productions

•  Writers are permitted to attend rehearsals, but not the final recording.

Writers retain copyright of their scripts, WTC own the copyright of the production. Accepting an offer of production with us means you agree to this.

Due to the high number of submissions we recieve, you will only hear from us if your submission is successful. You may find this article, by one of our producers about what we do and don't want, of interest.

Once Accepted..

Your scripts may be edited for structure, typos and continuity. You may occasionally be asked for re-writes.

Due to the high number of productions we already have lined up, it may be many months before your script is produced. But it will be worth the wait!

Electronic submissions only to