Back in October we were thrilled to help The London Horror Festival open the two week festival run by recording three short original horror radio plays. Each play was performed in front of a sell out audience at The Etcetera Theatre on 15th October, and then judged by the one and only Richard O’Brien who looked spectacular in killer heels. Once Richard picked a winner, he treated the audience to an acoustic music set. It was the perfect start to a brilliant two weeks of top class horror theatre.

Do have a listen to the three productions HERE. But when you listen, with any luck, you’ll think it sounds so smooth and professional (we hope) that you won’t think about the long process that goes into a WTC live show – the whole day is such a thrill for all involved, we thought we’d use the skills we have developped with our sister site Wired Up Mediaand bring you STAGE FRIGHT the film! A 5 minute behind the scenes sneak peek into our day.

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