Michael Kitchen, Actor

This all looks good! Very good luck with it.

Niall K, Dublin

Really enjoyed Lie Detector. Great to hear such quality outside Radio 4. Keep them coming!

P Avader, Listener

I must say this is very foward thinking in the age of copyright abuses and legislations... Art needs to be heard! Kudos!

Alison Steadman, Actress

Good luck with the company, sounds great!

Nathan Hughes, Listener

Superior sound, the finest quality audio I have heard on the net.

Ronald Lacey, Listener

How fortunate I am to find such a fine website. I have been looking for an audiobook site and yours comes like a breath of fresh air. Thanks to all concerned.

Big Finish Productions

Your plays and your site are very interesting.

Kevin Donnelly, San Francisco

Although others come close, yours is the best-quality audio theatre I've heard on the internet. It rivals and even surpasses commercial productions, which is a welcome rarity.

Decoder Ring Theatre

The Wireless Theatre Company are, just as advertised, a true audio theatre company, bringing interesting audio plays put together by a talented crew without the boundries of format or genre. If one of their shows isn't your cup of tea, the next one is bound to be completely different. Great stuff.

Kevin Cummings www.shortcummingsaudio.com

I've been to your site and I'm very impressed.  You've accomplished quite a bit in a very short time.  I'm a big fan of audio drama and I love the fact the internet has brought about a revitalisation of this powerful art form.  Straight voice acting -- creating an image, a feeling, and an emotional response in the listener -- is a very "pure" form of acting and listening to audio drama is a surprisingly intimate experience.