Laura Jackson

I can highly recommend The Wireless Theatre Company. They've got some amazing plays and stories to download - this is top-notch writing, acting and production, with a modern style and stories to make you think. More please!

Fredrick Greenhalgh

The Wireless Theatre Company is a UK based producer of a range of great stories, tackling the comic, to the tragic, with some of the finest acting, writing and directing talent.

Paul Taylor, Samuel French Ltd.

We congratulate you on this enterprising operartion. I hope it will prove to be a great success.

Tom Lopez, ZBS Foundation

You people are great! Nice to hear you are doing this.

The London Theatre Guide

What a wonderful site!

Rob Milliken, USA

I have been looking for radio stories to listen to on my downtime. They are far and few in between on the internet, among them though was your site which was prominent in my search. I have listened to 3-4 plays and was impressed with the production quality. The sound work in Frozen had me hooked! I love your website and what it offers to listeners! Definitely I am a fan! Here in the States, England has a reputation for being the best in radio production. Definitely, from your plays I've listened to so far, this holds true. 

Danielle Fenemore

I think that this is such a great site for new writing and for getting theatre out to people in a accessible way.

Nici Spencer, UK

I have been trying to find a company for a long time that produces audio plays!

Richard Bowers, Kingston Upon Thames

Just downloaded and listened to Frozen and Lie Detector, really enjoyed them both. Production quality is excellent. The added bonus being that is was free to download both plays. Thank you for an entertaining afternoons listening. Please inform me of new material when it's available.