No Cause for a Llama

The Llamabury Tales

If you’ve ever wanted to know the true origins of the comedy group ‘No Cause For A Llama’, or the real story of how the West was won by a Welshman, or the genesis of the world’s most famous boy band, or the unspeakable actual-ness concerning the dark side of chess?

Then DON’T download ‘The Llamabury Tales’ ‘cause it’s a pack of lies!

If you loved The Llamabury Tales, which we know you did, why not download THE DONKEY HOTROD STORY?

Starring: Andrew Irvine, Phil Leamon, Nick von Schlippe, Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies
Nick Von Schlippe

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Written By: NO CAUSE FOR A LLAMA, Edited By: Andrew Irvine, Directed By: Andrew Irvine, Music By: Andrew Irvine. Lyrics By: Andrew Irvine, Gareth Davies, Nick von Schlippe & Phil Leamon, Running Time: 38 Minutes

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