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"Wireless Theatre have so much variety"

Jennifer Cole

Enter the bizarre world of the OXY Show. Meet Lynne a woman obsessed with the beautiful yet strangely absent Lucy, Bazz the least successful drug dealer in Tunbridge Wells and fish loving Peter and his loyal if confused girlfriend Diane.

In OXY land The Human Reproduction Licenses Authority is the government’s novel new way of dealing with problem parents and English soup is surprisingly important.

The Oxy Show is the exciting new sketch show that answers the question why are there not more plays about silt.

Starring : Julian England, Kevin P. O' Sullivan, Annekoos Arlman and Laura Forbes

Julian England
Annekoos Arlman

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Written By : Julian England and Kevin P O' Sullivan, Edited By: Lester Barry, Directed By: Julian England, Running Time : 36 mins
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