Starring Prunella Scales


"A charming and well-acted comic radio drama, and credit is due to for the overall integrity and coherence of the play"

Fringe Report

The Youth of Old Age

Wickedly acerbic new writing ‘The Youth Of Old Age’ shows Prunella Scales at her ‘dragon tongued’ best as the matriarch, determined her heir should not marry 'out of sorts' by award winning writer Stuart Price.

Starring : Prunella Scales, Knight Mantell, Edward Harrison, Crystal Yu and David Beck

Prunella Scales
Edward Harrison

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Written By: Stuart Price, Edited By : Joe Waters, Directed By : Stuart Price, Music By : Matt Fishell, Running Time : 1 hr 5 mins

If you are a fan of Prunella Scales, she's worked with us plenty of times - why not try SEASONS?

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