Film and VideoHere is a selection of Wireless Theatre videos - they are either trailers and films based on our content, or content created by members of the Wireless Theatre team.

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Wireless Theatre In Just A Minute

A Word From Our Patron, Nicholas Parsons


In 24 hours we wrote, directed and recorded a short play - RAT - based on a true story by Ann Theato. We also filmed it as a project for www.wiredupmedia.couk. Check it out!

Wireless Theatre RAT Trailer

Wireless Theatre's Five Year Birthday Montage

Wild Elusive Butterfly - Trailer Act 2

The End of Gray's Malaise

Poetry by E1ektric

Wild Elusive Butterfly | Trailer

Wireless Theatre Comedy

The Strange Case of Springheel'd Jack Trailer

Wireless Theatre KIDS Trailer

Angels In The Dark - Blooper Reel

BISEX - A film by WTC writer, Stuart Price