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Cherry Cookson worked as a director for BBC Radio for over thirty years.

She now runs Acting For Radio workshops - details HERE.

A ghost story set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon, told through the eyes of Jenny, a girl of nearly nineteen, whose recently deceased grandmother, Mary, has bequeathed her ‘Windover,’ the cottage where she is staying with her father and his girlfriend during the summer vacation.

Before long Jenny starts to be troubled by visions of two teenage girls, and learns, from a photograph taken in 1934, that these girls are her grandmother, Mary and her friend Cathy. As the days go by and Jenny  becomes increasingly disturbed by the visions, she befriends Stephen, a neighbouring farmer and tries to enlist his help in making sense of what’s happening to her. Stephen, however, is evasive and little by little Jenny finds herself drawn into the tragic events that occurred nearly eighty years earlier.

Starring Emma Kelly, Sean Baker, Richard Holt, Colleen Prendergast, Beth Eyre, Amy Raine Jackson, Richard Reed and Pamela Binns

Emma Kelly
Richard Holt

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Written by Brita Bradbury, Directed by Cherry Cookson, Edited by Malcolm Thorp, Music arranged and performed by Cherry Cookson. Running time: 45 mins

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  1. jenny jarvis says:

    I really enjoyed this very atmospheric play. I loved the transitions between real time and the ghostly past, and the parallel lives of now and then. I also enjoyed the feelings the play creates by the subtle sound effects moving the listener from one scene to another without being overstated. The language was rich and descriptive.

    Let’s have more from Brita Bradbury please.

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